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Windscreen & Auto Glass Repair Services in Sydney

Windscreens need to be repaired and replaced when they get chipped from driving, often due to road debris. Cracks can also appear when moisture gets caught inside the windscreen, or by extreme temperature changes. Other reasons to replace your windscreen include hail damage from thunderstorms and road collisions that can cause damage to both the front and rear windscreens.

Depending on the size of the windscreen chip, you may be able to fix the glass with a simple chip reseal. For most chips, you will want to replace the windscreen altogether to ensure it doesn’t create an even bigger crack. All it takes is driving over an uneven surface such as a speed bump to cause the glass to break and seriously harm you or your passengers.

Auto glass replacements are often required for car windows being smashed due to theft, or sun-roof glass damage. Our expert technicians can service both laminate and tempered auto glass and windscreens, and can recommend the best option suited to your car.

Visit our windscreen and auto glass repair service in Rydalmere (10 minutes drive from Parramatta) in north-western Sydney (2 minutes walk to Rydalmere Wharf).

Do Insurance Companies Cover the Cost of Windscreen Repairs?

Most insurance companies such as NRMA offer optional add-on cover for windshield damage and repairs. You will need to check with your policy disclosure statement if you have comprehensive car insurance to determine which level of cover is appropriate for you. If you’re frequently driving on highways and main roads where trucks are present, or on unsealed roads, you may want to invest in windshield cover.

How much does it cost to replace a front and back windshield?

The cost to replace a front or rear car windscreen will vary depending on the make and model. Give our expert technicians a call today on 0435 011 533.