Do you often take a trip to an auto repair shop to get your car windows fixed? Well, this can be troublesome and inconvenient if you have various other errands to run every day. Cleaning your glasses on a regular basis is one tip that you must mandatorily follow to keep them maintained in a long run. But while this is one great learning to swear by, another one is to unlearn what you have been doing.

Yes! There are certain things which you need to follow in order to keep your glass safe and protected from damages. Here are a few things you can keep in mind to save them from unnecessary cracks and chips:

DIY hacks and unsafe cleaning techniques:

The first thing we run to for a quick solution is the internet. And while the proliferation of the web has helped us make our lives better in myriad ways, using it for just anything is not helpful. Remember, anything consumed in too much quantity can be harmful! Since the internet today is
flooded with heaps of misinformation and misleading suggestions, you should know what to pick and what to leave as is.

Most of the DIY hacks and videos often ask you to clean your car windows with ammonia-based products. This is one of the biggest mistakes you are making. If you are somebody who does this on a regular basis, it’s you who is leading your car to the pathway of glass breakage and
other damage. Make sure you stop using such products and techniques of cleaning right away if you do not want to keep spending cash on these repairs every day.

Parking under shelters, especially trees:

Do you often look for a parking place that has trees nearby? You may be using this method to keep your car protected but this only taking you into losses. Parking under trees may sound like a good technique to keep your vehicle cool in the scorching heat but detaches branches falling
over your car is one probability that is very likely to happen every time you park your car in such a place.

If you want to save your car from squirrels and birds dropping acorns from trees, begin parking your car somewhere far from where you usually happen to do.

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