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Chassis Alignments & Straightening Services in Sydney

ReNu Collision repairs are smash repair experts who have been proudly servicing vehicles Sydney’s north-west and the Parramatta region since 2013. Our smash repair technicians can diagnose all aspects of the vehicle after a collision and provide an honest quote, and quality affordable repairs that you can trust.

Chassis alignments are a critical part of the smash repair process for ensuring your vehicle returns to manufacturer specifications after an accident. The chassis is the backbone of the vehicle as it is designed to carry the maximum weight of passengers and load safely. If the chassis is not repaired, it means the car won’t be able to track well which causes excessive wear on tyres and other components. Without visiting a specialist smash repairer, it can even lead to the chassis cracking and ultimately breaking.

Our chassis straightening equipment provides powerful and accurate measurements to assess the vehicle and repair the chassis. Unlike a standard wheel alignment, a chassis alignment after a collision is more comprehensive given the damage will most likely be more severe than if the car was to drive over a pothole. We use hi-tech machines such as chassis hydraulic pulling systems to assess the thrust angle, steering axis inclination, and included angle in addition to the camber, caster and toe.

Visit our chassis alignment and straightening centre in Rydalmere (10 minutes drive from Parramatta) in north-western Sydney (2 minutes walk to Rydalmere Wharf).

Can a cracked chassis be repaired?

A cracked chassis can be repaired through structural welding which can be carried out by our expert technicians. We comply with Australian Standards and vehicle manufacturer guidelines, as we are legally required to install a modification plate on chassis welding repairs.