Paint and Crash Repairs Sydney

The painted finish on a car is almost purely a cosmetic issue. It is primarily there to make the car look good, though it also prevents the car surface from rusting. As such, repairs to the paint aren’t too much of a priority. But most of us like to keep our vehicles looking as good as realistically possible. And if we ever decide to sell the car then the painted finish will matter. So how do we go about fixing damaged paintwork.


Crash Repairs Sydney – Damage to Paint.

There are several ways that paint can be damaged.

Superficial Scratches – Modern cars will have a clear coating over the paint. This is part of the glossy finish. A very light scratch will only penetrate this glossy layer. As such, it can often be buffed out. If the scratch disappears when wet, it is this type of light scratch.

Surface Scratches – These are just deep enough to remove some of the paint, but not deep enough to show any bare metal beneath the paint. Often as not these can be buffed out with some mild abrasive compound, then polished. Be minimalistic with this, as too much rubbing may remove the paint and expose the metal.

Deep scratches – These are the bane of car owners. The scratch that removes paint and leaves ugly mark. These are all but impossible to repair at home. A professional workshop in needed to strip and repaint the whole panel. This will be several hundreds of dollars.

Road Rash and Gravel – We can end up with many tiny chips in the paintwork if we have driven over gravel. This tends to be on the lower front section of the car. It can only be completely removed by complete repainting, but often we get quite satisfactory results with repairs kits like Dr Colourchip. This fills in the tiny chip without affecting the surrounding paint.

Sun Damage – Over the course of many years outside the paint on the car will fade and crack in the Sunlight. This tends to affect the entire surface of the car, though roofs will suffer from longer sun exposure. This type of damage is hard to repair, and if the car really is getting old the expense is not worth it.

We can prevent or at least delay this type of paint damage by giving the car a protective clear ceramic coating. And of course, it helps to keep the car in the garage when not in use.


Crash Repairs Sydney

From minor paint scratches to major body work, we undertake all types of car repair.